Weston 2005

November 2005
Beachlands Hotel
John Dixon
Tracey Phillips

The meeting at Weston was hosted by John Dixon, George Lankamer and their colleagues at the Academy at Weston General Hospital. This was an excellent venue, only opened last year. The previous meeting at Weston was in 1996. There was a full and varied programme.

The morning comprised 10 registrar papers, all of high quality. The prize for the best paper was awarded to Richard Baker for his presentation on a trial of total hip arthroplasty and hemiarthroplasty for displaced subcapital fractures. Mid morning a period of silence was observed at the 11th hour for Armistice.

After lunch, the Ken Pridie Memorial Lecture was given by Professor Laboureau on the LARS design and the concept of soft tissue internal fixation. John Dixon hoped this would re-establish the ‘French Connection’ which used to be an important part of SWOC.

After lunch, there was a symposium on Bone Infection, with presentations from Mr Martin McNally and Dr Berendt from the Oxford Bone Infection Unit, and Dr Lovering from the Avon Orthopaedic Centre. 3 clinical cases were discussed.

Dr Stoddart presented the results of the xray quiz, bizarrely comprising entirely of xrays of animals. Scoring was extremely low though the Hon Sec did get 2 bonus points for spotting an os-penis in a dog!

Dinner was held at the Beachlands Hotel where socialising continued into the early hours.