Ken Pridie 1906-1963

In May 1963, the meeting in Exeter “was tragically marred by the sudden death of Mr Kenneth Pridie while reading a paper” (on anterior fusion of the cervical spine). “After some discussion, the meeting was resumed and the other papers were read”, but “the dinner which had been arranged for the evening was cancelled”.

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He had been a stalwart of SWOC, insisting on attending the Exeter meeting despite recent illness, and thus at the following meeting a memorial was agreed in the form of a lectureship of the University of Bristol. This was awarded every two years to “an orthopaedic surgeon of international repute” who would address the club, and also “undertake teaching ward rounds in hospitals in the South West region”, although there is no record of these latter events actually happening.

The first Lecture entitled “Kenneth Pridie: an appreciation” was given by his friend and colleague Arthur Eyre-Brook on 8th April 1965. Over the following years lecturers included many of the major names in British Orthopaedics of the era, with international representation from Professors Merle D’Aubigne, Moe, Slocum, Moberg, Tubiana, Insall, Morscher, Mankin and Laboreau – a list that indicates the prominent standing of the club amongst the orthopaedic community.

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