History, Origins & First Meeting

The first meeting of SWOC was held in 1948. The inside cover of the first meeting book records that:

The first SWOC meeting was held in the Nurses’ lecture theatre at Mount Gould Hospital.

The meeting was attended by the following:

  • Mr Rentoul – Truro
  • Mr Kirwan – Truro
  • Mr Fitzgerald – Truro
  • Miss May – Truro
  • Mr Winckworth – Taunton
  • Miss Murray – Taunton
  • Dr Lipman – Plymouth
  • Mr Kennedy – Exeter
  • Dr Mason – Plymouth
  • Mr Salz – Plymouth
  • Mr Jowett – Taunton
  • Mr Bastow – Bath
  • Mr Lillie – Plymouth
  • Mr Eyre-Brook – Bristol
  • Mr Blundell Jones – Exeter
  • Mr Capener – Exeter
  • Mr Durbin – Exeter
  • Mr Boucher – Plymouth

The club was named, the idea of rotating biannual meetings agreed (with Winford next), and membership limited to “those of the profession practising orthopaedics in the South West region, including Registrars and Housemen”, with the latter “encouraged to demonstrate cases and take an active part in the proceedings”. Mr Durbin of Exeter was elected as Honorary Secretary – a post that he held for the first 11 years. The meeting heard four short papers, discussed short case patients that were presented, and were then served tea by the nursing staff.


  1. Mr John Bastow
    Muscle biopsy prior to arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. FC Durbin
    Arthrograms for congenital subluxation of the hip.
  3. AE Jowett
    Arthrograms of the knee.
  4. H Salz
    Lactic acid in the treatment of osteoarthritis.