Barnstaple 2018

26th April 2018
The High Bullen Hotel
Colin Steinlechner & Richard Cove

Julie White

Barnstaple 2018

The High Bullen Hotel and Resort was the picturesque, rural setting for the  April 2018 Spring SWOC meeting.

Dinner provided spectacular views over the North Devon countryside and was well attended by the Barnstaple unit and delegates arriving the night before the meeting.

The packed scientific programme was well received.

Bristol academic SpR, Guiraj Matharu, was a worthy winner of the Hampson Memorial prize and also presented further work on trabecular metal hip sockets. We look forward to hearing a full description of Guiraj’s MOM hip work at the Autumn 2018 meeting.

Guest lectures were from Barnstaple ED Consultant Anna Shekdar and Malcolm Podmore. Anna gave a vivid talk of her expedition to Everest and Malcolm entertained us with his account of being an expat surgeon in the UAE.

Tom Law was the winner of the SWOC prize for a randomised controlled trial of fibrin sealant in knee arthroplasty. The study found no reduction in total blood loss using the fibrin sealants.

Several trainees contributed more than once to the day. Toby Jennison presented two papers on distal femoral fractures , one on the outcome of interprosthetic fracture cases and another on revision total ankle arthroplasty! Dan Hill presented papers on spinal trauma referrals and the management of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis in obesity. Pete Dacombe made the journey south from Bristol and delivered two papers related to shoulder arthroplasty.

A Dragon’s Den research session was held at the end of the day. Steve McHale presented the rehabilitate or replace elbow trial (RORE-trial), Dan Hill proposed a study to define the role of SPECT-CT in evaluating painful TKRs and James Berwin outlined a study using fitbits to track hip fracture outcomes.

Although we are grateful for the support of both Deaneries, attendance from the trainees is still polarised, with most preferring to attend their own region’s meetings. In future Friday SpR teaching may be cancelled for the hosting region only. Trainees from the neighbouring region should be able to request study leave or be excused from teaching if they are keen to present their research work. With reasonably central locations such as Taunton, Exeter and Yeovil trainee attendance from both regions is usually better.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible as we celebrate 70 years of SWOC in Bristol on Oct 5th. Dinner the night before will be held at Aerospace Filton under the wings of Concorde with an opportunity to look inside the plane itself!

Thanks to Colin Steinlechner and Richard Cove for organising an excellent meeting.